I am starting a BLOG. and yet a year ago, I thought i might never utter those words, well, still haven't uttered them, just typed it. but thats good enough! I feel that we can make it, together, to FAME. in my team we have many peeps! some are Dr. chaos, who, for whatever reason, prefers being called "bornaldis" (sounds like the name of some kind of ancient tortoise... or my neighbor's dog), Sam whit-chaos, traos (tr-aos), and Lady chaos (who may be making very few appearences). WELCOME team! together, us nerds shall rule the WORLD!!!!!!! so thats that, be sure to check up on my site often for updates!
Erik feral

i look forward to your series Mr. Chaos! hope we hear more from you soon! (i voted for roots, its a new technic modpack)


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    Mr. Chaos

    I guess that I am starting a blog... I am Mr. Chaos, the minecraft-playing technomage of the new modding society (even though I dont make mods...) and this is my blog.